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27" Power Packs

EP-8000AS EP-8000AS
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Brand: Ekolos
Sometimes you just need to cover your bases, so we designed this inexpensive power pack as a simple solution that blends in anywhere. The EP-8000AS hides powerful ventilation, with three different speeds, beneath the kitchen hood canopy of your choice. An optional liner beautifies the hood and furth..
$359.00 $399.00
EP-8100AS EP-8100AS
Free Shipping in Canada
Brand: Ekolos
Redesigned with great attention to detail, EP-8100AS gives you power and flexibility in a small, barely visible package beneath your customized vent hood canopy. This 580cfm power pack features dual level halogen lighting, three blower speeds, decorative stainless steel filters and angled housing un..
$539.00 $599.00
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